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haiku from daily walk

the poems gifted to me on my walk: 1. even though up high with carved wings i hear the falling sigh 2. fallen side by side… from the same tree or because of the wind? 3 the owner of the house long gone… the water draws circles 4. happy? you are not the fish… neither …
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Heart Haiku from Ride for Heart supporters

The following haiku are sending to support Haiku walking tour for Ride for Heart 2018   (Guest editor: Claudia Radmore)  Thank you all for contribution of haiku and photos.  (Photos by Guan Tao, Oliver Yang,  Yuan Ming Hui, Coach Luo and online) What is haiku? A haiku is a brief poem that uses concrete images to reflect …
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Haiku walking tour for Ride for Heart 2018 Updates

Had a great time and met many people at #RideForHeart. Took some photos and wrote some haiku-ish for that… thank you all for support and donation of money or haiku… medal for each four on one bike cheers in morning breezes * where are you? at the finish line I capture the passing of others …
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