February 2019

Chinese Poems with translations

我爱这土地 艾青 假如我是一只鸟, 我也应该用嘶哑的喉咙歌唱: 这被暴风雨所打击着的土地, 这永远汹涌着我们的悲愤的河流, 这无止息地吹刮着的激怒的风, 和那来自林间的无比温柔的黎明…… ——然后我死去, 连羽毛也腐烂在土地里面。 为什么我的眼里常含泪水? 因为我对这土地爱得深沉……   I Love This Land by AiQing If I were a bird, I would sing with my hoarse voice Of this storm-buffeted land, Of this grief-turbulent river, Of these unceasing-raging winds, And of the touchingly-tender forest dawn ——Then I would die, even my …
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